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"Every parent needs a Village"

The Village is a parenting community

empowered by experts

Young Family

Watching our children grow is one of life’s greatest joys, but we understand that it's not without challenges, confusion and worry. Connect to other parents who are just like you, navigating the parenting journey of our modern world.

With conflicting advice at the fingertips of today’s parents, our handpicked experts help you separate fact from fiction and decide what’s best for you and your child. With community support and expert  guidance, we can thrive and enjoy parenthood.

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Why join our community?

We bring everything you need together under one roof.


Instead of bouncing between different social channels or scouring the internet for trustworthy advice, we make sure that it’s delivered to you in one reliable place.

Become part of the family

Parenting can sometimes be an isolating and lonely experience, especially in the current climate. Join The Village and experience the sense of connection and care, master new skills and be inspired to raise happy, calm and confident children.

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Share stories

Our Villagers are invited to share stories, questions, updates and anecdotes with each other.

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Follow topics

Join in conversations with your fellow Villagers about specific age groups, questions or subjects.

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Follow each other’s journey, find parents who live nearby and join in with the joy of each milestone.

Teen Psychologist

Advice you can trust 

Today’s parents have an overwhelming amount of information at their fingertips. The Village is the antidote to conflicting advice at every turn, unregulated social media and contradictory resources. 

By working with qualified leading experts only, we ensure that you receive trustworthy, reliable and professional advice. Rest safe in the knowledge that everything you learn is backed by research and verified sources.


Meet our founder


Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari

A senior parenting and relationship expert with 20 years of experience empowering parents throughout their parenting journey. She is also psychologist, speaker and author, who is passionate about giving families access to trustworthy advice, and firmly believes in the importance of a supportive community when it comes to parenting.

She runs a private clinic in Hampstead, London, and in addition to running parenting workshops, she is the author of Small Steps to Great Parenting, The Essential Guide for Busy Families, and is the chairperson of Imago UK, an internationally-recognised approach to relationship therapy. 

Dr Ben-Ari’s expertise are regularly been featured by the BBC, Stylist, Metro, Evening Standard and Refinery29 and has been a guest on podcasts like Cosmopolitan UK and The Parent Hood.

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Choose a plan

Happy Family

Free Villagers

Our free members are invited to join the community with access to a range of topics, discussion boards and polls. You’ll be able to connect with your fellow Villagers in public and private chats, while receiving resources, tips and insight written by our board of experts. Come and give it a go! 


Gold Villagers

Those who have signed up to our Gold membership will have a more in-depth experience. For just $12.99 (which is less than £9.99!) per month expect regular live Q&As with our experts, webinars, on-line and live courses, discussion pages and resources. This is, of course, in addition to being a valued member of the community.

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Who can join?


The Village is open to any and all caregivers of children. It is a safe place, free of judgment and negativity. 


We welcome mums, dads, foster or adoptive parents, same sex parents, single parents, grandparents - you name it! Whether your child is 17 days or 17 years old, you are invited to become a Villager and be part of the community. 


Still unsure?


It’s free for anyone to become a Villager. By signing up to our free plan, you’ll immediately become part of the community and receive tips and insight from Dr Ben-Ari and her team of experts. Come and give it a go! 


Those who want a more in-depth experience can sign up to the Gold plan, which gives you access to courses, Live Q&As and Zoom calls with our experts and webinars for just £9.99 per month.

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